10 very common misconceptions about the tea industry


Tea may be the most famous drink in the world but information and misleading regarding tea are breathtaking. There are two kinds of people in tea industry: The people who are tea cognoscenti which can easily describe the difference between white, black and green tea and also talks about the best points of tea while on the other hand people who just buy a box of green tea because it is best for their health. People who are slowly falling in the tea leaf life asked the two leading experts in the tea industry about the common misconceptions of the tea industry.

So what are the major and common misconceptions of tea with respect to those experts?

Herbals are tea

A major misconception in the tea lovers is that they think that all the herbals teas are the genuine tea. This is not true at all and they cannot imagine how much difference is present in these herbal teas and the original tea. Herbal teas are called tisane and the original one has the same source herb whether they are white, black or green. Most of the tea lovers don’t know about this thing and in their minds, tea is a tea whether it is herbal or genuine. Tisane is being sourced from the bark, leaves and flowers of some different shrubs through the hot water.

Caffeinated tea is bad

Caffeine which is present in tea is totally different from the caffeine which is present in coffee. The caffeine in coffee can stare you awake but the caffeine in tea just tempers the effect of caffeine. Caffeine of tea will make you energized without making the all-time awake but it helps you in some ways to help you awake and energized. Centuries ago in Japan, tea was given to the monks to stay awake and energized. So the caffeine in tea is not bad at all but sometimes when you overdose the caffeine by having too much tea, then it becomes bad for you. On the other hand caffeine in coffee has a strong awakening effect by which your eyes opened but you are not energized.

Black tea has a high content of Caffeine

Caffeine concentration in any tea depends upon many factors such as a degree of oxidations and leaves age. Young leaves with the fresh structure have more content of caffeine while older leaves which are present in the air for a long time has less content of caffeine. So the amount of caffeine is not depended upon the type of tea, it all depends upon the leaves and degree of oxidation. Although original tea which is sourced from the Camellia sinensis has a larger amount of caffeine while on the other hand herbal teas have no content of caffeine.


The best tea is flavored

If you think that your cup of tea is the last word in delicious terms than you are cheating yourself. Only a few companies in the world process the tea with greater care and make it finest in the world. Most of the tea in the world has less taste than the original one. In some previous times, hazelnut and chocolate coffee were on the top even they crossed the tea in percentage because they have much more taste than tea.

Every tea has 3-5 minutes of steeping time

According to Californian Ned Hagearty who is a founding member of Silk Road tea said how it is possible that every tea has a similar steeping time. Every time when you see the labels of any tea, they told you a similar time but it is not right. Every tea has different steeping time according to its nature and origin.

Green tea is bitter in taste

According to most people, green tea is bitter but in actual green tea has most mind-blowing and delicate sips. The results depend upon the steeping time, if you steep it too long and let the leaves to sit in the pot then you may get the bitter results otherwise it has the most delicate taste as compared to all other tea.

Green tea is better for you than black tea

Each tea has several variations from others just like the wines which have different taste and properties while having the same source. The process of making tea is different for each tea and every industry has different protocols for the production. It all depends upon the protocols, nature of origin and leaves age.

Drinking more tea can decrease your chances of cancer

This is the major misconceptions about tea. Many cases are reported who diagnosed with cancer just due to taking too much tea every day. There is a bright side of tea but on the other side, it has some harmful effects also on your health. Mostly Tea lovers did not want to believe in these facts so they are misleading the other people regarding tea. Although it is also true that not every person has a risk to develop cancer but in some cases it is true and you have to agree with it. Many studies showed over drinking of tea can leads you to the dangerous side of your health.

Tea bag teas are the same as loose leaf tea

It is another misconception in the minds of people. Remember the tea in your tea bag is of low grade mostly and called fanning or tea dust. It has not the same flavor which is occupied by the loose leaf tea. People who are tea cognoscenti know about this difference very well but the common people usually have this misconception in his mind.

Tea is healthier without any addition

The citric acid in the lemon helps your tea to stabilize the flavonoids present in it. Flavonoids are responsible for the healthy figure of tea. Addition of honey in your tea makes you more active in your office than the single tea without any addition. According to a study published in the journal of human psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, tea which has something in it have more effects on your brain in terms of activity than a solo sip.  

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