Tea is so famous but why?


Tea is the second most consuming drink in the world after water. It is an aromatic beverage usually prepared by pouring boiling hot water on the cured leaves of Camellia sinensis which is an evergreen shrub. This shrub is native to East Asia. There are many different types of tea. In every region, people like to drink different types of tea. The origin of tea is from southwest China where it was used as a medical drink. It is popular due to its strong recreational ability. From the Chinese culture it was spread in the Asian countries and in the 17th century, it is adopted by Britons who started the large production of tea on a commercial basis in India. In 2016 India and China supplied 62% tea in the world. In England, Tea is in the roots of culture and it is present in like fabric in the British culture. Most of the people know that China is responsible for the popularity of tea in the West but few knows that it actually came to England by Portuguese women who started this craze in England. From the 5000 years it is popular for its medical benefits but in the recent centuries it was adopted as fashion drink and people of the United Kingdom cannot imagine their lives without the cup of tea now. In these days it is not taken due to medical benefits but usually as a fashion. It becomes so popular in the world that after water it is the second most consumable drink. From the past 30 years, many medical pieces of research proved that tea is helpful to reduce the weight, chronic illnesses and also improves the mood of a person. Due to all these benefits, it became viral drink in the world. 

There are some major reasons due to which tea becomes so popular among the world people, some reasons are given below.

Tea is best for your Heart Health

There are different types of tea available around the globe but regardless of the type, many studies showed that it improves your heart health. It helps to prevent the strokes also. When you impart tea in your daily diet, it will prevent you from high cholesterol which is the biggest reason behind heart diseases. Tea contains phytochemicals which improve the function of blood vessels and helps to dilate better. Tea plays an important role in improving the blood circulation which ultimately increased your heart health.

Stress reliever

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of tea is its property of stress relieving. It rejuvenates the body from outside and inside. When it reduces the stress from your life, you can live a healthy life and it will prevent you from the circle of more dangerous diseases. Green tea is famous for its weight loss properties and skin condition enhancements. It has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and toxin busting properties.


Tea is Hydrating

In one cup of tea, there is more than 90% of water. You can drink tea throughout the day without any worry because it provides you with maximum water. According to Tea Advisory Panel UK, Black tea is a good source of potassium which ultimately helps your body to stay in hydrating position and regulates your fluids properly.

Tea has less dose of Caffeine

You can take tea throughout the day without worrying about its caffeine and calories contents. Tea includes only 25-35 mg caffeine on 8 oz. servings; on the other hand, the same serving of coffee can have 90-225 mg of caffeine. There are many other medical benefits of tea as compared to coffee.

Tea is calories free

In these days, tea is a very tasty and good alternative to the other drinks which contains a lot of calories. You can drink tea when you feel little peckish between the meals because it will give you the feeling of being full and you can save yourself from more calories and reduce your weight. It is a calorie-free drink when you take it without any sugar and it can really help you in reducing weight.


Drinking tea always gives you a fresh feeling and awakes your mind. It will refresh your thoughts and put you in the good mood. The act of taking tea is itself a moment which gives us some relaxation from our tough life schedule.

Easy to make

Everyone knows the method of preparing a cup of tea because it involves a simple method. It does not include any instrumental use in the preparation. A cup, kettle and tea bag is all the requirements of tea and you can prepare in a few minutes at any place.

Tea culture is fascinating around the world

Tea is not only the beverage choice but it becomes now the way of life. People adopted this beverage as a fashion due to its cultural importance and fascinating history in the world. In the Middle East, in the gathering of friends and families tea is the important drink that is served there. In most countries, it becomes a regular drink after every meal. In India, the popular tea is masala chai which is a black tea blended with spices and it imparts an Ayurvedic benefit to the health. In Chinese history, tea was important for pleasure and artistic inspiration.


Tea and Food go really well 

Combination of tea and food is famous in the world. People in most countries take tea after every meal and it helps them to rejoice life. New ways to adjust the tea and food together are evolving every day.

It makes you feel good

When you take tea, it recovers your freshness and compels you to feel good. Having tea is like going to the spa. It will reduce your body stress and will fresh your mind. That’s why people like to have a cup of tea when they are working or during studies.  

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