The family of true teas

The family of true teas

Drinking tea has not only become a part of our lifestyle, but also helps us in staying hale and hearty. This variety of beverage is available in a lot of different flavours due to its cultivation and weather of cultivation at different parts of the world. So here we are to note down for you below the true categories of tea:

White tea:

White tea is produced from the processed leaves of ‘Camellia sinensis’ that are in their early stages of growth and the colour of the beverage in which it is used is usually pale yellow. It comes from the fine silvery-white hair of the unopened buds of the tea plant. White tea is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, tannis and flavonoids that help in maintaining a healthy mind and body. It reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases to a certain extent and also helps in weight loss. White tea helps slowing down the ageing process by rejuvenating and regenerating the skin cells. Apart from this, it has positive effects on diabetes and oral health.

Black tea:

Black tea too is derived from the shrubs of ‘Camellia sinensis’ and the flavor is usually stronger from any other less oxidized teas, although it is more oxidized than green tea, white tea and oolong. Black tea is beneficial for the bones and its regular subscribers have a lesser chance at developing arthritis due to its photochemical. It also helps in lowering down the stress levels and its alkyl amine antigens help in boosting the immune system of the body. Also, black tea is often used as an energy advocator due to the presence higher amount of caffeine than in any other kind.

Green tea:

Green tea was first manufactured in China and then gradually spread through the Asian countries and is made from the same variety of shrubs as the above types. Green tea helps in decreasing tumour growth in areas like breast, ovary, lungs, skin, stomach etc. along with this it also lowers cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, promote some weight-loss and also improves memory.

Yellow tea:

The name given to the tea is so because of the colour that it adds to the beverage. It is a rare variety and is also known as Huang Ya and is only produced in China. It is a blessing to the liver and is known for lowering the risks of brain stroke. Low cholesterol level, increase in appetite, stronger bones and teeth are some of the added benefits of yellow tea.

Blooming tea:

Blooming tea comes in the form of a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around by dry flowers and are typically of the Chinese origin. It improves the respiratory health, vision, digestion, skin health and boosts metabolism and consequently weight loss.

Herbal tea:

It is a creation that is the result of infusion of spices, herbs and other important material from the plant such as seeds and roots together in hot water and is usually devoid of caffeine. Herbal tea contains high amount of antioxidants that regenerates and rejuvenates our body and skin cells along with relieving stress and anxiety. It is also beneficial for regulating blood pressure, boosting immunity and controlling inflammation along with the other common benefits of tea.



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