Formosa Oolong


The Formosa Oolong tea might just turn out to be your favorite too as its getting very popular in the United States. Formosa Oolong tea got its name from the Chinese word wu-lung, meaning "Black Dragon," because it represents a cross between green and black tea. Also, Formosa means beautiful. Formosa Oolong provides so many health benefits such as heart, brain, bone and dental health. In addition, it may boost your metabolism, decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and protect against certain types of cancer. Get your Formosa Oolong tea now before we run out.

Caffeine Level: Medium/High

Contains: Formosa Oolong


Water Temperature: 205 F degrees
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes 
Suggested Serving Size: 1 Tbsp/8oz

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